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The artist

We are all artists, but of varying kinds. Most of my work has focused on drawing and painting. I create pieces that speak to the human condition, most often through use of the figure. The body has the capacity to convey so much through its unique form. If I achieve nothing else in life as an artist, I hope to resonate with a few people regarding something in their own journey.

Currently my work is focused on researching abuse and the effects of psychological trauma on the body. My main goal is to listen, connect, support, and provide a visual ” voice” for those who haven’t had one. To provide validation for the silenced. To say back, you matter and your story matters.

When I am not working on this topic, I enjoy painting lighter pieces, like flowers and the beautiful humans who influence me in the everyday.

I plan to broaden my current practice through interdisciplinary methods and I am fascinated by the experiential and transient nature of installation.

Born in Pennsylvania. CURRENTLY residing in Virginia

Exhibitions and residencies

Brehm Residency

united states

September 2020 – June 2021

JMU open art studios,

Auvillar, France

May 2019

“Mole” shown at Artworks gallery


March – April 2019

Prints are now available!

watercolor prints will be printed on watercolor paper